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Established in 2015, Tonisity International is an Irish company dedicated to global animal welfare. The company’s team of veterinarians and animal biologists have developed a suite of isotonic protein solutions which have been shown to reduce premature mortality by up to 30% and improve innate gut health in over 20 million animal models in research centers across Europe and the Americas such as Wageningen University, Netherlands; Iowa State University, USA; the University of Lleida, Spain; and many more. 


Tonisity China Holding Limited is a joint venture between Tonisity International and Impact Asia (Hong Kong) to bring this disruptive animal health technology to Greater China.

DoggyRade🐶 is your first choice for rapid rehydration, a must-have for a weak stomach and a guardian angel for vomiting & diarrhea


KittyRade🐱 essential for protecting the heart and eyes, nourishing the kidneys and rapid rehydration

YummyRade👅 contains 2 times prebiotics, helps regulate intestinal health and your first choice for food transitioning or adapting new food

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