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Meal Topper For Pets

Cat and dog food can be dry and tasteless. 

Many gravy toppers on the market are high in calories and fat. On the contrary, our cat and dog food, YummyRade, has very little calories and fat.

YummyRade is a tasty meal enhancer for cats and dogs that can be added on top of their food to deliver a delicious chicken taste. This flavour burst encourages them to eat and is extremely low in calories and fat. You can use it to make your pet’s food tastier, without worrying about weight gain or digestive issues. It also contains prebiotics to support good health.



Grain free YR.png

Gluten Free

Low cal YR.png

Low Calories



Prebiotics YR.png

Contains Prebiotics

No preservative YR.png

No artificial colours or preservatives

YummyRade won Cat Vitamin/Supplement Product of the Year at the Pet Innovation Awards 2022
and the Pet Innovation Award at the Pet Industry Awards 2021.

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