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DoggyRade Pro is an isotonic solution that contains water purified by reverse osmosis, amino acids, electrolytes, dextrose and prebiotics. DoggyRade Pro is specially formulated to maintain the health of enterocytes with the goal of helping to maintain gut integrity and the mucosal barrier. DoggyRade Pro is used to provide early enteral nutritional support to dogs.


What Are the Benefits of Early Enteral Nutrition? (Why Should I Feed My Patient Now?)


Anorexia is common in sick or seriously injured patients. Anorexia rapidly leads to gastrointestinal (GI) mucosal atrophy, decreased GI motility, pancreatic atrophy and cholestasis. Early enteral nutrition helps maintain normal GI function thus helping to decrease patient morbidity.


Many patients cannot tolerate the caloric density and fat content of standard nutrition products in the early phases of their illness, but DoggyRade Pro provides an alternative strategy.


Even small volumes of enterally-delivered nutrients have been shown to

  • Maintain GI mucosal blood flow

  • Decrease the incidence of stress ulcers

  • Maintain the integrity of the intestinal barrier thus decreasing the likelihood of bacterial translocation

Enteral nutrients are also essential for secretory IgA which is a key component of the gut mucosal defence system.


How Does DoggyRade Pro Help?


Many sick or seriously injured patients will not voluntarily eat or may not tolerate normal diets. These patients may have protracted hospital stays. A patient that eats can be discharged to continue their recovery at home. The goals of providing DoggyRade Pro early in the patient’s hospital stay are to encourage maintenance of normal GI function, help with healing and allow a smoother and earlier transition back to a normal diet.

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DoggyRade Pro is composed of electrolytes, glutamic acid, fructooligosaccharides, glycine and dextrose. Each ingredient plays an important role in accelerating a dog's recovery. 

DoggyRade Pro won the New Product Showcase Award at PATS 2021

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